Energy Work


Distant or local energy work: 

I charge $88. a session,$222 for 3 sessions and $333. for 5 sessions. I have created some bundle pricing ,I have noticed depending on what is happening in your energetic fields sometimes multiple sessions are needed , I have really noticed this particularly with children . I would love to discuss with you what would best serve you. I am also open to other forms of payment or exchange we can discuss prior to your appointment.


Quantum Healing, sacred love, deep shifts, aligning to purpose , a cosmic reset of consciousness. I am a multidimensional energetic channel, I will hold space for you as I and others co-create with and through you .We will transcend energetically what we are ready to release or receive, this will happen through our threefold flame , our sacred heart . We will dive deep calling back all of your soul into the here and now ,repairing your dna so we may embody more of our light and fulfill our divine destiny.We will be working with our ancestors, the elements, animals, Mother Earth, Father Sky, our lineage back to the beginning of creation, connecting to our primordial energies.There  is a pulse there ,a vibration that is in the core of everything and everyone ,our inception point. I work in and  through our rainbow electromagnetic  fields ,feeling the pulses and patterns, waves, spirals turning clockwise and counter clockwise until they loop into infinity.We are gently pulled back to our point of divine resonance ,to our original divine blue print, this is the space where we are one .